Pest Control Can Be Simple

Pest Control used to be simple. Pesticides had high toxicity, long residual properties, and nobody cared about how it affected their health, the environment, or the ozone layer, and no-one ever got sued. The days of FFT, and Strychnine are gone forever. Today, the public’s attitude has changed. But, it’s still a life or death situation as far as the bug is concerned.


The job of the pest control professional has become much more challenging. With a few exceptions, the EPA approves products that break down in 90 days. Now, identification and knowing the life cycle anatomy, growth development, biology and behavior, is the key to controlling pests.
Do-it-yourselfers who spray the baseboards without knowing what bug they are after, where they are hiding, or what they are eating, are wasting chemival, increasing exposure, and are unlikely to accomplish their goal. Depending on the pest, we use target specific pesticides, baits, pheromone traps, or growth inhibitors, with little or no exposure to people or animals.


If you or someone you know is losing a battle with nature, give us a call at Coyne Pest Control!